About CreepyNet

CreepyNet is a passion project brought to you by a dark art enthusiast seeking to spotlight the best in creepy, macabre, and unsettling works from across the ages.

I created CreepyNet as a way to share my lifelong fascination with the bizarre, morbid, and strange corners of the art world. Ever since I was young, I’ve felt draw to the shadowy aesthetic of gothic, horror, and surrealist artstyles portraying death, demons, dreams, and disturbing visions.

There’s something compelling about artwork that defies conventions and crosses into taboo subject matter. Creepy art allows us to confront our forbidden curiosities and deepest psychological anxieties in a safe, indirect way. It opens a doorway into humanity’s dark side.

Over the years I’ve researched extensively on topics like grotesque medieval woodcuts, haunted Romantic paintings, outsider art, esoteric symbolism, creepy folklore tales, and terrifying cinema of the 20th century. I’m excited to synthesize my arcane knowledge and tastes through this online destination.

My goal for CreepyNet is to provide a multimedia resource exploring all aspects of creepy art from its evolution through history to its notable works and artists. Here you’ll find informative articles, immersive galleries, artist spotlights, quizzes, reviews of books and films, DIY tips, and more. Consider it your macabre masterclass!

I want this to be an inclusive community for fellow aficionados of the creepy, so please reach out with suggestions on content you’d like to see covered or artists you think deserve a closer look. Just mind the spiderwebs as you explore…

Let your curiosity and dark side guide you through the virtual halls and twisting passages of CreepyNet!