Creepy Art Gift Ideas

13 Ideas for Creepy Art Gift Ideas and Decor

Need a creepy present for the macabre-loving person in your life? Want to add some creepy flair to your home decor? Here are gifts and decor ideas that harness the power of creepy art:

  • Framed original or limited edition creepy prints
  • Coffee table book of creepy art such as H.R. Giger paintings
  • Creepy figurines, models, and sculptures such as posable skeletons or anatomical Venus figures
  • Nightmare Before Christmas and Tim Burton-themed gifts like Zero plushies or Beetlejuice mugs
  • Creepy character socks featuring characters like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky
  • Horror movie villain action figures and Funko Pop vinyls
  • Decor like Ouija board wall hangings, gothic candelabras, and Edgar Allen Poe bookends
  • Creepy plush toys like disturbing unicorns or octopi
  • Eerie candles that ooze “blood” when lit
  • Skeleton/skull home goods like bookends, lamps, and cookie jars
  • Goth-themed jewelry and accessories like pentagram necklaces
  • Creepy skin care like Beetlejuice hand soap or bloody foot scrub
  • Custom creepy portrait painting or digital art print of a loved one
  • DIY taxidermy bat in frame display case
  • Gothic styled makeup bags, purses, and wallets
  • Creepy dolls, if you really want to freak someone out

Channeling creepy art into wearable, usable dark delights can make for memorable morbid gifts. Just take care gifting cursed artifacts…

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